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The presentations can be downloaded below. The slides of the introduction as well as the discussion about the research agenda are also available for download.

AGILE Workshop on Geogames and Geoplay

Geogames are playful activities in which the analysis and the creation of geodata constitute a core element of the game mechanics. The technological approaches adopted by Geogames are as diverse as the possible usage scenarios. Geogames have been realized as console games, browser games or mobile location-based games and make use of GI technologies such as virtual environments or simulations. Application scenarios include environmental education, cultural tourism, and Geodesign. Gamification approaches have been especially successful where user motivation is a core concern such as with collaboratively created geodata.

Accepted Short Papers

Ola Ahlqvist, Rohan Benkar, Brendon Mikula, Kiril Vatev, Rajiv Ramnath, Andrew Heckler, Zhaoyi Chen and Peixuan Jiang:
Online Map Games - playful interaction with complex real-world issues [Short Paper] [Presentation]

Vyron Antoniou and Christoph Schlieder:
Participation Patterns, VGI and Gamification [Short Paper] [Presentation]

Joske Houtkamp, Rik van de Kraats and Jandirk Bulens:
SoilGolf: a mixed reality game for the World Soil Museum [Short Paper] [Presentation]

Angela Schwering, Stefan Münzer, Thomas Bartoschek and Rui Li:
Gamification for spatial literacy: The use of a desktop application to foster map-based competencies [Short Paper] [Presentation]

Eszter Tóth and Alenka Poplin:
ParticiPécs – a cooperative game fostering learning about the built environment and urban planning [Short Paper] [Presentation]

Kavita Vemuri, Alenka Poplin and Paola Monachesi:
YouPlaceIt!: a Serious Digital Game for Achieving Consensus in Urban Planning [Short Paper] [Presentation]

Olga Yanenko and Christoph Schlieder:
Game Principles for Enhancing the Quality of User-generated Data Collections [Short Paper] [Presentation]

Workshop Program

The full-day workshop brings together researchers and GIS professionals interested in creating and using Geogames. It serves as a venue for sharing experiences and discussing technological challenges and solutions. We expect the workshop to provide a deeper understanding of the key issues in Geogame development and to help drafting a research agenda in that area. Additionally, the event offers opportunities for networking activities within the Geogames community. The workshop will be 50% presentation and discussion, 25% hands-on demonstration and 25% panel discussion.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014
08:00am – 09:00am Registration
09:00am – 09:15am Introduction by the Organizers
09:15am – 10:30am Keynotes/Presentations
Coffee Break
11:00am – 12:30pm Presentations
Lunch Break
13:30pm – 15:00pm Hands-On Geogame Demonstration
Coffee Break
15:30pm – 17:00pm Working Groups and Panel Discussion

Call for Papers

Workshop participants are invited to either submit a short paper (max. 3000 words) about original ongoing research in Geogames or a position paper (max. 1500 words) describing an application scenario. Short paper submissions will be reviewed and selected for a presentation during the workshop. The authors of selected position papers will be invited to participate in the panel discussion. The topics of the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Experience reports about the design and development of Geogames
  • GI technologies in video games and location-based games
  • Simulation and AR games
  • Data collection games, VGI games, human computation games
  • Playful approaches to Geodesign
  • Educational Geogames

Papers must be written in English according to the AGILE Short Paper submission template (.doc, .docx). The abstracts will be published online.

The deadline for submitting short and position papers is April 18, 2014.

Please submit your contribution as a PDF document via the START Conference Manager.

For any further information please contact us at .